Enlightened Leadership

Awaken your inner knowing, your inner self, a realization of who you are

and why you were born

so that you can fulfill the purpose of your existence.

FREE Self-Realization e-book

Child Anxiety is Epidemic, Get Mindfulness Training to Help Them

Become More Powerful

Awaken your inner knowing, your inner self, a realization

of who you are and why you were born

so that you can fulfill the purpose of your existence

FREE Self-Realization e-book

Fulfill Your Destiny

Awaken your inner knowing, your inner self, a realization of

who you are and why you were born so that

you can fulfill the purpose of your existence

FREE Self-Realization e-book

Child Anxiety & Stress is Epidemic

Over 80% of our children are sick and need help, fortunately there is a solution.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification

For teachers, parents and counselors, yoga teachers or anyone interested in helping children & teens

Providing you tools and training in how to provide children and teens coping skills and mindfullness training. You will learn to:

  • Teach children healthy ways to deal with Anxiety & Stress through mindfulness
  • How to listen, communicate & express their emotions consciously
  • Develop their ability to focus, absorb information, develop their mind and learn
  • This also develops self confidence, happiness and peace
  • How to eat and live healthy

The first day you learn these proprietary tools, we’ve been using successfully for decades, then the second day you get practice teaching these tools to kids and teens. This is powerful training for teachers, counselors, parents, yoga teachers or anyone who works with kids. The Self Awareness Institute has been teaching mindfulness to children and teens successfully since 1985, and we have a teaching staff with experience. After passing an examination and demonstrating proficiency in these tools, you will receive a certification from the Self Awareness Institute, whose been certifying teachers since 1985 and has hundreds of teacher’s around the world, and you will automatically be invited into the Society for Mindfulness Teachers.

Society for Mindfulness Teachers

Here is where all us teachers, councelors, yoga teachers, parents can continue to support each other, by sharing experiences, asking questions, passing on new information, creating opportunities and networking. It’s something needed so we are creating it for you.

The tuition is $1,500, including dues for the first year. We offer 30% off for groups (teachers, parents, yoga teachers, etc.) $995 each.

To sign up as an individual click here

To sign up as a group click here

To read some of the testimonials from Jessi moon’s work in Advanced Mindfulness Training click here

Give the children the tools they need to thrive, be happy and successful. Give them power over their mind.





Enlightened Leadership Training



Power, Profit & Peace

Become Enlightened


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SELF-MASTERY COURSE – This Class is Full

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Steven brings the leading edge in transformative tools through speaking, training and media to executives and entrepreneurs to:

  • Realize your higher purpose and sharpen your leading edge.
  • Awaken higher consciousness, awareness & enlightenment.
  • Experience extreme happiness & fulfillment in life.


Steve S Sadleir has done seminars with Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. David Hawkins, and provided mindfulness training to the medical staff of Dignity Health Care and St. Mary’s Hospital. Master Steven is at the leading edge in mind-tech for the 21st century and the enlightenment of humanity.


The Power Vortex

VIP Groups of 5-6 Game Changers

Simply put, The Power Vortex makes you more powerful. Powerful in the sense of having a stronger attractor field which enables you to manifest like a Master, and Powerful in that you will be “re-calibrated” to a higher level of consciousness each week.



Steven is unique among speakers, trainers and media personalities for his high level business experience and training as a recognized Kundalini Master and Guru with students in over 120 countries.

Steve integrates the science of consciousness and energy into business applications for radical results. He trains the trainers, groups like T. Harv Ekart and Peak Potentials, Mental Journey to Million with Matthew Ferry, Mike Ferry International.

The director of The Leading Edge and senior instructor, Steven S. Sadleir has trained thousands all over the world over the past 30 years. He is a best-selling author, hosts a radio show, appears in two new movies as an expert and hosted his first television talk show in 2013 for the Hallmark Channel. Steven is a Kundalini Master, speaker, and regular guest on radio and television, including FOX and NPR and will be launching another new show later this year. Steven also holds a Master of Arts from the University of Wales as a Rotary Scholar and holds several state licenses, and is known as both a meditation guru and financial guru and a Master teacher.
One you realize that there is something to be realized, your realization has begun.

Previous Clients:
Bank of America
Peak Potentials
Mike Ferry International
Land America
Success Strategies
Mark Victor Hansen
Motion Picture Guild
International Yoga Expo
Lawyers Title Insurance Co.
EMB Bancorp
CK Cooper Securities
Prudential Insurance
Many others…

“The pinnacle of success is not wealth, power
or fame…it’s enlightenment of the consciousness”

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