Enlightened Leadership







Realize your full potential

Become more powerful


Become More Powerful



Awaken your inner knowing, your inner self, a realization

of who you are and why you were born

so that you can fulfill the purpose of your existence

Fulfill Your Destiny


You are being called…

To awaken from the dream and realize who you are

So you can fulfill your destiny


Corporate Training Programs


We Train Doctors & Nurses in Mindfulness


Enlightenment in San Diego

Millions of people all over the world are enlightening. If you are reading this, you are one of them. This June we are conducting an Enlightenment Retreat, where we will focus on connecting, developing and understanding our own life-force energy and consciousness, we will re-calibrate to a higher level of consciousness and practice mindfulness training to eliminate unnecessary mental programming (like limiting beliefs and fears), in addition to having some down time on the beach.

June 1, 2 & 3 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Meet and greet on Thursday evening)

At the Bahia Resort in Mission Bay, San Diego, California (or a place of your choosing) Food and lodging separate.

The tuition is $595 for three days. Questions calls Kassandra 949-355-3249. To register online click here

Enlightenment in Europe: Turin, Italy, June 7, 8, 9 & 10


Enlightened Leadership of the World

Groups are forming in the USA, India and Europe

The Science of Prosperity, Happiness & Peace

Realize your full potential

Become Enlightened

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Upcoming Programs: San Diego, Turin, India and Bali. 

Ask about CEO coaching


SELF-MASTERY COURSE – This Class is Full

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Steven brings the leading edge in transformative tools through speaking, training and media to executives and entrepreneurs to:

  • Realize your higher purpose and sharpen your leading edge.

  • Awaken higher consciousness, awareness & enlightenment.

  • Experience extreme happiness & fulfillment in life.

Release Your Enlightened Leadership Potential


Steve S Sadleir has done seminars with Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. David Hawkins, and provided mindfulness training to the medical staff of Dignity Health Care and St. Mary’s Hospital. Master Steven is at the leading edge in mind-tech for the 21st century and the enlightenment of humanity.


The Power Vortex

VIP Groups of 5-6 Game Changers

Simply put, The Power Vortex makes you more powerful. Powerful in the sense of having a stronger attractor field which enables you to manifest like a Master, and Powerful in that you will be “re-calibrated” to a higher level of consciousness each week.



Steven is unique among speakers, trainers and media personalities for his high level business experience – having worked as an economist, national sales manager for a bank, investment banker, fund manager and CEO coach – and training as a recognized Kundalini Master and Guru with students in over 120 countries. He his both a business guru and a mindfulness guru, and integrates both into areas of expertise in his training programs to create an integrated, accelerated and effective program to create prosperity, happiness and peace.

About Steven Sadleir

The director of The Leading Edge and senior instructor, Steven S. Sadleir has trained thousands all over the world over the past 30 years. He is a best-selling author, hosts a radio show, appears in two new movies as an expert and hosted his first television talk show in 2013 for the Hallmark Channel. Steven is a Kundalini Master, speaker, and regular guest on radio and television, including FOX and NPR and will be launching another new show later this year. Steven also holds a Master of Arts from the University of Wales as a Rotary Scholar and holds several state licenses, and is known as both a meditation guru and financial guru and a Master teacher.
One you realize that there is something to be realized, your realization has begun.

Previous Clients:
Bank of America
Peak Potentials
Mike Ferry International
Land America
Success Strategies
Mark Victor Hansen
Motion Picture Guild
International Yoga Expo
Lawyers Title Insurance Co.
EMB Bancorp
CK Cooper Securities
Prudential Insurance
Many others…

“The pinnacle of success is not wealth, power
or fame…it’s enlightenment of the consciousness”

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