Enlightenment Tanzania 2019

Mankind first developed awareness in East Africa, so as we enter the Age of Enlightenment, the Age of Aquarius, the Rapture, Steven has been called back to East Africa, to Tanzania, to initiate the full awakening of awareness in mankind. Hundreds are coming together to awaken their spirit and realize their full potential. All religions and cultures coming together to initiate world change, global enlightenment.

Enlightenment World Tour 2019-2020

A second trip is being planned for later in 2019, expanding to Kenya and other African nations, as well as Australia, India again and Bahrain. The Global Enlightenment Fund is enabling Steven, or Sai, to travel to these locations and give enlightenment freely. We are also currently planning to send Sai to Israel (Armaggedon), Jordan and Syria, during this most auspicious time. Your prayers and support and much appreciated.