Here’s what others are saying…

“I am in total awe. I started this course cynical as a lawyer from New York, and from  the very first session it has changed my life in ways that I could not even imagined before. I am happier and much more in touch with myself.” 

Jim L., NY

“I am not only making more money but living a more awesome life”

Phil Reed

“Now everything I intend to manifest comes faster.”

Thach Nguyen

“My life has changed 180 since I went to the seminar”

Karah Mahnaz

“As soon as I started with Steven I closed more deals.”

Silvia Ruch

“Steven has opened my eye and broadened by attractor field with peace and effortless.”

Joey Lopez

“Steven taught me how to take my business to another level I never dreamed. I now am living a life of wealthy bliss.”

Jonette Mc Graw


“The power behind the Vortex is surreal! This week I listed 3 new properties, with two more tonight and another tomorrow.”

Paula DeBevilbiss

You are one of my greatest life teachers and I can’t begin to thank you enough for changing my life with your teachings! I am LOVING this course and each week I get more and more out of it.  I can’t express enough my gratitude for you and for being the teacher you are.  Your very voice touches my soul and connects me deeper each time I hear you. The meditations are now the most important part of my day and they remind me of what life really is about. I now have a very different relationship with my children and they are learning and connecting to themselves which is a beautiful way to co create their lives. Your teachings have a ripple effect into the consciousness of entire families, communities and the world.  You are a divine gift to all those you touch.”
Christina Banaga, CA

“I feel so much more connected with God and myself, I get excited and blissful about life and feel so much more love and compassion; I almost didn´t take the course because I was so busy, but I am SO glad I did.”

Christine A., Marketing Executive

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