Steven S. Sadleir


Steven S. Sadleir, or Sai, is a leading World Master – trained in the lineages of Kriya, Kundalini & Shaktipat. He is the director of the Self Awareness Institute and has taught thousands around the world since the mid 1980’s. He is a leading author, trainer and speaker on mindfulness, mind control and manifesting. He stars in three movies about consciousness: Spiritual Revolution, 3 Magic Words and Enlightenment Now. He is host of Enlightenment Radio, and Enlightenment Television, and has hosted two television programs. He is a best-selling author with over a dozen books, and is currently in production on another feature film.

Guruji holds a Master’s in Financial Economics, as a Rotary Scholar, from the University of Wales, UK, and worked as a financial guru for the US Government, International banker for Lloyds Bank LA, as investment banker, and as fund advisor to some of the largest investment funds in the world. Over the last few decades he as conducted VIP training for Congressmen, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and Stars. Steven’s core competence is to raise consciousness and bring spirituality to business, and to life, through an understanding of the science of the spirit and knowing how to conduct energy more powerfully. He has a thirty year track record of enlightening others.

This Master integrates the science of consciousness and energy into business applications for radical results. He trains the trainers, groups like T. Harv Ekart and Peak Potentials (Extreme Wealth, Wealth & Wisdom, etc.), Mental Journey to Million with Matthew Ferry, Mike Ferry International. He has done seminars with Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. David Hawkins, and provided mindfulness training to the medical staff of Dignity Health Care and St. Mary’s Hospital. Master Steven is at the leading edge in mind-tech for the 21st century and the enlightenment of humanity.

Enlightenment Television

Steven has launched a new Streaming Television Website with lots of new content including these new series, free or on donation. 

  1. Self Realization
  2. God Realization
  3. Yoga Master Class
  4. Bible Secrets
  5. The New World Order
  6. The Health Handbook

To watch Steven’s programs go to Enlightenment Television 


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