Realize Your Full Potential

We teach you how to develop your mind and inner strength and spiritual energy to realize your full potential, fulfill your purpose and find happiness and peace.

Over the past 30 years, Steven has been the trainer to trainers, the coach to professional coaches, and the master to yogis and teachers, CEO’s, and athletes around the world how to realize their full potential, find meaning and purpose, and enduring happiness and peace, even bliss.


Self Mastery & Self Realization

Self Mastery focuses on the enlightenment of the consciousness, to gain control over thoughts, emotions and actions and experience transcendental states and super consciousness. This is an advanced training for those ready for enlightenment. Groups only, by design. 

“The pinnacle of success is not wealth, power
or fame…it’s enlightenment of the consciousness”



Enlightened Leadership & Mastermind Groups

Private trainings for entrepreneurs, business executives and celebrities. Find a balance between the spiritual and material, it’s not about making money but making a difference – being on purpose. Prosperity follows success in creating value. Steven has trained many corporate executives, employees, bankers and high net worth individuals. He is a powerful motivational speaker and Shaktipat (life force energy) master who teaches and provides tools for how to create prosperity and fulfillment in the work place and in your personal life. Learn the Science of Energy to manifest your abundance.

Previous Clients:
Bank of America
Peak Potentials
Mike Ferry International
Land America
Success Strategies
Mark Victor Hansen
Motion Picture Guild
International Yoga Expo
Lawyers Title Insurance Co.
EMB Bancorp
CK Cooper Securities
Prudential Insurance
Many others…


Mindfulness Training for Teachers, Parents, Teens & Kids

We have trained teachers to teach kids mindfulness. How to reduce stress and anxiety and develop the ability to focus their mind and become more conscious. We have programs to teach teachers and parents to teach this too. These programs are at some of the best elementary schools, high schools and colleges in Southern California. Just call to schedule a call to discuss group programs at your place of learning.

You can teach children how to control their minds and emotions, to reduce and manage their stress and find a natural happiness and peace and self-confidence within themselves. They just need the tool, and this is what we teach.

Our proprietary tools will them them/you will learn:

  1. Simple methods to control your mental and emotional levels.
  2. To clear your mind and develop your mind for greater mental acuity and focus (Smarter).
  3. Tools to develop greater happiness and peace.

These programs can be arranged within school programs or conducted as an extra-curricular program. Our teaching staff has been teaching for years and we have many happy children and parents who give glowing testimonials.To learn more about our programs for kids and parents click here


For Doctors, Nurses and Medical Staff – Conscious Diet & Meditation for Stress

Students will learn practices they can use to manage stress and feel calm in difficult situations, like emergencies and dealing with death. Nurses and staff are also able to help patients, the patient’s relatives, and other staff while maintaining a clear head and remain calm in stressful situations. Each situation can be dealt with more effectively and professionally. Training has been conducted for Dignity Health Care & Saint Mary’s Hospital among others.
Some of these tools include:
  • The Rapid Relaxation Response
  • Bio-Rhythmic Breathing
  • The One Minute Meditation/Prayer
  • The Mind Mirror
  • The Journal

Courses for staff and patients, seminars and retreats. Mindfulness and Wellness programs for over 30 years. 





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Excerpt of Steven Sadleir at The Science of Manifesting Seminar with Matt Ferry and Dr. David Hawkins.