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The Self-Mastery Course is a 12 week advanced intensive training in Shaktipat, Jhana, Dhyana and Kundalini meditation with Steven S. Sadleir, founder of the Self Awareness Institute.Everything is energy, the Life Force or Spirit within you IS you. To realize the true nature of your Self, to realize God, to find true happiness and peace in live in grace, you have only to go within and connect – it’s making your heart beat right now. It’s guiding you to read this.

You will discover how to tune into first your own life force or spiritual energy and consciousness, and then how to develop it – to raise your calibrated level of consciousness to Samadhi and experience, first, the blissful states, then beyond to full mastery.

You have only to connect with this Shakti within you. Because we are all connected in and by spirit, it does not matter where your physical body is, when you sit at home and call in, or Skype in, you can naturally tune in.

Similar to how the antenna in your cell phone or car radio picks up invisibles transmissions, when you are on the class calls with Steven you will pick up an energy transmission – Shaktipat – and your body will begin to attune, register with this signal, and gradually move into these higher blissful states. Here the answers come – from within you. Love, peace and joy, come up like a sprinkler of light.

Self Mastery allows you to:
Become more powerful, literally
Manifest at will
Master your mind and emotions

Each week you attune to a higher level and can actually feel your energy shifting and peace bubbling up from within. During the week you can further this feeling and learn to tune in while not on a call by playing one of the many meditations or satsangs (class calls). So meditation is easy, you just listen and be guided until you want to just sit in silence. You will want to sit, it feels so good. Shaktipat gives you a natural high or bliss.

* Each week you will receive a virtual session from Master Steven Sadleir.
* You will also receive a Precept or lesson (via email) in a PDF file, so you can download and read about what you are experiencing.

Each course is conducted in a small group so each individual can get personal attention and he benefit of a class environment. Everyone in rapid acceleration helps everyone, and the more personalized instruction enables you to make breakthroughs.

During these 12 weeks you develop:
Mastery over your mind & emotions
How to increase your bio-magnetism and direct it
Experience higher states of consciousness and enlightenment

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Thousands have taken this course from all over the world

and experience the results first hand

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